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Heartland Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a form of meditation in movement and is usually performed as though in slow motion. In most documentaries on China you see a short clip of people doing these slow, graceful and visually relaxing movements in the parks first thing in the morning. In China it is well known for its healing powers and is often prescribed by doctors in addition to other treatments. The gentle nature of Tai Chi makes it suitable for people of all ages.

Heartland Tai Chi offers us a way to restore a connection with our natural aliveness. We use the body, the breath and an open attention to help us let go of patterns of mere survival and rediscover more flowing movements, a released breath and an enriched heart awareness.

Area serviced:
Worcester and Malvern
Contact name:
Alan Smith
07722 765009

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Keeping active is an important factor in improving and maintaining good health and wellbeing
There are many different exercise classes available for the over 50's in the local area.These are easily accessible and other classes such as yoga and Tai-Chi can also be benefitial.