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MOSAC Supporting Non-Abusing Parents and Carers of Sexually Abused Children (National)

Helpline: Staffed by trained female volunteers to offer support and information to all non-abusing parents and carers and to other agencies and organisations. You may wish to just talk; we will listen. You may want information resources; we will help as best as we can. Interpretation service available from Language Line for over 170 languages.

0800 980 1958

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Subject Definitions

Advocacy services offer support to vulnerable people, people with physical/learning disabilities and/or sensory impairments. These services will support people to: ¦Speak out for themselves ¦Make sure their rights are respected ¦Express what they want ¦Represent their interests ¦Help them get the services they need Their underpinning principles are to promote social inclusion, equality and social justice
Child abuse is the physical or psychological mistreatment of a child by his or her parents (including adoptive parents), guardians, or other adults.
Services which offer a helpline for providing support in a crisis and/or information and advice.
Abuse of a sexual nature such as rape, incest, fondling, and indecent exposure. Sexual abuse can cause various physical and emotional problems including lack of self-esteem, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, and depression.