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The Fold Care Farm

Growing vegetables, herbs and flowers in a beautiful garden, small groups with focussed support. Support, encouragement and team activity, plus quiet time observing nature. Healthy lunch provided (home cooked and mainly home-grown produce). Participants are empowered to learn practical useful skills, and spend time with their hands in the soil. 

  • One day per week for adults with mental health challenges
  • Two days per week for adults with learning disabilities
  • Various volunteering opportunities
The Fold, Bransford, Worcestershire, WR6 5JB
Umbrella org:
The Fold
Area serviced:
01886 833633
Charges apply

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Subject Definitions

People in need of gardening services can contact AGE UK who have reputable,police verified gardeners who can provide a regular service in order to improve the look of your garden.
A Learning Disability is the disorder that affects the brain's ability to receive and process information. This disorder can make it problematic for a person to learn as quickly or in the same way as someone who isn't affected by a learning disability.